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This game features a short platformer with a special focus on vertical movement, and humour.

Your handphone has just been confiscated, and you really - really - need it. Especially now that your crush is ready for a date. Race against the teacher-disguised sorcerer to your phone as you utilize your newfound powers and aptitude for magic!

Jump from bookshelves to blackboards and achieve greatness while your teacher uses images of your friends to fight you! However, what he didn't count on was that you could use them to recharge your magic.

  • Jump, dash, and run through many vibrant levels!
  • Tight controls, plenty of challenge, and so many possible maneuvers!
  • A light hearted and humorous setting, just look at these!

The game is currently in development, so keep watch out for the release!


Install instructions

You can change input settings when launching the game. The relevant options are Horizontal (+), Horizontal (-), Attacks, and Jumps. Simply unzip and launch the "ScholarUprising-V1.exe"

The file you want to download is the Scholar Uprising (X64) one. If it isn't , you can download from the Scholar Uprising (X86).


The 1.1 version has a "delete saved data" button in the form of a start button on the bottom right of the main menu screen. This was our mistake... if you intend to keep that version, please keep this in mind. We would like to apologize as well for any saved data between versions might not be transferred automatically. You might have to restart the game. We're incredibly sorry for the inconvenience!


GDD-PlatformerSem3.docx 513 kB
Scholar Uprising (X64) 27 MB
Scholar Uprising (X86) 29 MB

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The jump-jump-side level is so hard, and the last part of that level seems unreachable, give the checkpoint pls.

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Ayy, you've tried it. Which level in specific were you stuck on? Every level is short enough that you should be able to return to where you have failed in under 20 seconds, and not to worry; every level is beatable!