Devlog Week 12 - Intro Level, Level Design, Menu Making, and Enemies!

Greetings on another post, Itch.IO lurkers! You might notice that this week's title is quite similar to last week, and you'd be right. We're nearing the final polishes for our basic controls, making them much more reliable. Not only that, but we have also remade the first intro level with updated resolution and design - especially to incorporate the dash to jump chain technique.

On the level design side, our final level will contain some spooky content, with the theme being an occult maze. It's a leap, but we believe we can make it! It'll use enemies whih can phase through walls, teleporting panels, and a maze that you need to navigate through with your platforming skills. Our programmer also have finalized his version of a shooting stationary enemy, which bodes well for enemy variety!

On the graphic design side, we continued making the more polished main menu and options screen. Not only that, but we have started discussions on making some of the animations more... appealing. Especially that idle animation, which have been commented to look like a ducking animation.

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