Devlog Week 17 - It's HERE! YES!

Dear Itch.IO lurkers, I see several possibilities. Either you have just clicked on this devlog out of curiosity of the final part, you have followed the development from the beginning, you are about to start a binge read backwards in time, or you are one of the judges. Either way, we would like to say that the development is OVER!

Now, comes post-release, or publishing. We're working on a trailer at the point of writing this Devlog, and will add some screenshots. Sharing the final game obviously comes to mind, though it'll definitely help if our gracious readers would share as well!

We purposefully delayed the devlog for this reason. What's next? Possibly some updates, some bug fixes, and maybe some extra levels. Whatever happens, we're glad we managed to push the project this far! A collective thank you to YOU, yes YOU! For reading and hopefully checking the game out.


ScholarUprising-1.1.rar 29 MB
Jan 25, 2018

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