Devlog Week 1 - The Start of the Proccess

Greetings lurkers! We are a group of college students united under the same passion for game development and college class score. We intend to create a platformer which focuses on humour and challange, especially via vertical level design. Our team is called the GHOLM studio, a 5 man team each with his own task!

GHOLM studio consists of 5 people:

Houwen Lie - Programmer

Leonardo Wijaya - Programmer

Gerrion Odolf Sugiarto - Music Department

Alexander (Owin) Edwin - Visual Artist

Malvin Audriansyah Satriatama - Visual Artist

We look forward to see how the game develops and changes throughout the process!

We also have our Game Design Document right here!


GDD-PlatformerSem3.docx 513 kB
Oct 01, 2017

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