Devlog Week 2 - Details and Levels!

Greetings again, lurkers! Today, We would like to share more information about our game. There are a lot of platformer out there, a lot of which are great platformers. In order to stand out from those platformers, we needed a certain identity to latch onto. Certainly, we wouldn't be able to compete in level design, animation quality, or story, as those come from experience. As newcomers, our unique aspect comes from "Theme" and "Level Design".

From our observation, a lot of platformers, especially indie platformers, tend to be fantastical. While we won't deny that our theme is quite fantastic too (magical student races to the top of an enchanted room to retrieve his confiscated phone from a sorcerer-teacher) the school theme is very rarely used. Most of us here have went through formal education one way or another, so this theme is very easily relatable.

For level design, we would like to focus on our main character's ability to wall-jump and ascend!

Our character can jump, wall-jump on the same wall, and dash away. He can climb up a one-sided wall just fine by himself. This means that any walls that you can see- you can climb. Of course, some enemies will obstruct your way. Flying enemies, wall-clinging enemies, you got it. If you want to see an example, just look at the page image! How would you reach the top? Can you reach the top?

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