Devlog Week 4 - Testing Basic Mechanics

Hi what's up again, As for this week, we GHOLM studio would like to share our development in terms of Programming, as we have been talking about Arts for the past 3 weeks. One minor thing to notice for this week is, it seems like our A+ friend in his signature blue jacket has a rough childhood. He had a major accident back on his elementary school days, which caused him to slouch up until this very minute. It is not like he is squatting or something, that picture over there is exactly how his normal straighten stance looks like. 

Alright let's back to our programming progress. As this 2D Game Project has a pretty short dead line, we programmers can't afford to wait until all the art works finish before we start scripting. Taking that in mind, we utilize our "Kribo" artwork which has been available to test our basic mechanics with scripts.

 As you guys may have been wondering, Kribo is supposed to be at school instead of at some random scenery with mountains and trees  as it is shown on the picture above. And yes, you are right. Kribo is indeed supposed to be at school. Mountains, lands, and trees at the picture above are only temporary backgrounds and scenery while we programmers are waiting for our fellow mates to finish their arts. 

As we all know, mechanics are extremely crucial on Platformer Game. Jumping, Dashing, and other things need to feel "crispy" to players in order for players to enjoy it. Putting that in mind, we are trying our hardest to make it as good as possible. So far we've managed to make basic movements such as Moving right and left accordingly, Jumping and Double-Jumping. So far we make movement mechanic by using a Vector Right and Left which is probably gonna get updated later on. About jumps, we have two different types of jump : normal jump and higher jump. Basically it is about how long we press our jump input button to get more jump power. The longer players hold the jump input button, the higher Kribo will jump with Kinetic Magic. However, Kinetic magic does not allow Kribo to jump infinitely. This limitation has yet to be implemented in our script though. Another thing to mention is we make a double jump mechanic which allows players to jump one more time after they jump once. However though, after jumping twice, players cannot jump again. No matter how much players spam the jump input, Kribo will fall to ground after jumping twice. Finally we have also managed to make Jumping mechanics feel less "floaty" by manipulating gravity to make jumps look less lousy. 

That's pretty much it for this week's devlog. Please look forward to our weekly updates, and with that, Have a good Weekend!

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