Devlog Week 9 - We got progress!

Greetings lurkers, the midterms are over! That means progress are to return!

Well, that's the goal anyways. And to give you patient lurkers some more juicy progress, we actually got our enemies to shoot some projectiles! The projectiles can even be set to shoot directly aiming at the players. This IS still a work in progress, though, so its shots still need some work, and we're working on making them STOP shooting when they're off-screen. Nothing's worse than being shot at by the boss while you're just started.

Another progress that we would like to happily report is the existence of our first official level... design! WOOT! The theme of the first level after the tutorial is "fleeting stairs". In this level, you need to go up a flight of stairs that slowly becomes less and less frequent, while needing to think of the enemies on your way. We can't wait to incorporate our new enemy types in!

A minor detail, but we got around to designing our main menu. It's theme is the obvious school theming, so you would feel a better atmosphere.

That's all for this week, but expect more art-sy update next week!

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